Copy-Paste and Export-Import

At the top of the Integration Builder configuration screen, you’ll see various tools that enable the rapid re-use of configuration.


At the ‘top level’ on is able to ‘Export’ an entire Configuration as a ‘flows.json’ file and then ‘Import’ that file into a new GLU.Engine Application to ‘seed’ the new configuration. Once imported, you will need to add the Connector mappings for your new configuration (Connector IDs that match may automatically map but these need to be checked). Beyond that, the full original configuration will be available to be used in the new Application.

NOTE: You will also need to ‘Repair’ your integrations to re-index the configuration – do this using the ‘spanner’ icon at top right of the Integration Builder panel.


At a more ‘granular’ level you are able to Copy any level of a configuration within the hierarchical tree. You can then Paste that copied section into your flow at the desired location. You can also exit the Application you copied from and paste into a different Application

Note: Handler Configuration needs to be checked as the Flow Code IDs will change when pasted and routing to these doesn’t copy across: You need to re-select the destination Flow Code for routing handlers.

If you’re pasting within a new transaction, Handlers using/updating parameters also need to be double-checked as the parameter to update might not exist in the new transaction:

These tools help to radically speed up the process of configuring integration components that have similarities but they are not the same.

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