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GLU.Console Configuration Errors

Integration Builder Validations

Throughout the GLU.Console – validation logic has been added to enable configuration errors to be ‘flagged’ to the user. These ‘flags’ are reflected as ‘Warnings’, a summary of all ‘Warnings’ can be seen by using the ‘Warnings’ button within the tool options at the top of the Configuration screens. See example in the screenshot below:

Warnings are generated in near real-time i.e. as configurations are added, warnings will pop-up to guide the user. In the example below, the Parameter Name is flagged as ‘mandatory’ due to the * … the warning shows up to prompt the user to add the mandatory field:

Build Manager Validations

Where errors that have not been addressed in the Configuration will be highlighted and listed prior to allowing a ‘Build’ to proceed. Additionally, any errors during the actual ‘Build’ process will be displayed after a build fails (these errors will be visible in the ‘Build History’ – see sample below – for later reference).

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