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About GLU.Ware™

Born in Emerging Markets

GLU.Ware™ is an Integration Platform that is built for the Emerging Markets. It brings systems together to create value faster by cutting cost, simplifying, and accelerating integration projects. GLU.Ware is fundamentally about enabling Business Agility.

Client Self Sufficiency

A ‘configuration over code’ principle underpins the design of GLU.Ware™. No programming skills are needed as Systems Analysts can configure transactions via the GLU.Console. The outcome of the configuration work is a compiled GLU.Engine. The GLU.Engine is deployed by the Client within their ecosystem and security control boundary. This establishes the integrated ecosystem including all connections, transactions and orchestrations, previously achieved through tedious and expensive software development.

Software as a Service

GLU.Ware™ solves the cost and time to market challenges of traditional systems integration approaches. The business case for new services is typically burdened by large integration CAPEX and associated OPEX costs. GLU.Ware is offered on a ‘pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow’ (SaaS) cost model which eliminates the CAPEX barrier to adoption while encouraging experimentation.

GLU.Ware goes beyond it's essential purpose of being a best of breed middleware integration solution. With GLU.Ware all manner of additional business value and benefits can be realised. It's this broader value proposition that we have found resonates loudest with GLUs clients. We believe in partnering with our Clients for mutual success and so helping our Clients to achieve this broader value is part of our DNA.

GLU.Ware - Simplifying the Business of Expansion

The ability to empower your own Analysts with the ability to implement and maintain your own integrated ecosystem is now possible with GLU.Ware. Built with the objective of 'Client Self-Sufficiency' GLU.Ware has been designed and built from the ground up with a view to simplifying the murky world of system integration.

The GLU.Console™  is the ‘brain’ of GLU.Ware. It provides the ability for an Analyst to rapidly configure integrations via a GUI. There is no need for expensive and scarce development skills! The outcome of the configuration work is a compiled component called the GLU.Engine™. It is deployed by the Client within their ecosystem i.e. within their operational and security control boundary. This establishes the integrated ecosystem including all connections, transactions and orchestrations, previously achieved through tedious, expensive software development.

Clients can expose Open APIs to the market behind which a multitude of Internal and external 3rd Party systems can be integrated. Alternatively, Clients have the ability to create Bespoke APIs to uniquely match the existing APIs of specific Initiating Systems. In this model the need for any changes to those upstream system APIs is eliminated and time to market is accelerated.

The GLU.Engine performs the required Protocol Translation  between Initiating Systems and Receiving Systems. Parameter Validation  on all inbound messages can be applied so as to filter out spurious messages thus protecting the downstream ecosystem.  Rules configuration enables the GLU.Engine to perform transaction flow Orchestration  by running inflight rules to route messages based on their respective parameters. Enrichment  of message parameter sets is achieved by adding static parameters within the GLU.Engine or from data received from any step in the flow.


GLU provides Advisory services that underpin the GLU.Ware offering, ensuring Clients maximise the business value GLU.Ware can bring.


Strategic Integration Advisory

Having built over hundreds of integrations over the last 15+ years, spanning deployments world-wide, our team has solid experience in understanding, planning for, executing and solving complex integration challenges. We have been instrumental in leading teams to deliver complex, high-quality, scalable integrated systems for clients across the Emerging Markets. We have connected MFS systems to Banks, Inter-bank switches, International Remittance systems, Bill Aggregators, MNO systems, Insurance companies, Micro-finance systems, RTGS and ACH systems.

Digital Transformation Change Management

GLU.Ware is a key enabler for companies seeking to Digitally Transform their businesses. GLU.Ware enables Clients to be more Agile as the time and cost to experiment with new integrated business lines is radically reduced. GLU Advisors help Clients to formulate wholistic Digital Transformation Program Plans and can assist with the Change Management of the transformation journey itself. GLU has solid experience with clients such as the IFC providing such Advisory Services.

API Lifecycle Management

Opening API’s up enables businesses to transform their technology systems into accessible platforms. This results in extended reach, creation of new revenue lines and / or improved end-user retention. GLU’s API Lifecycle Management Advisory services provide businesses with critical support throughout their API journey. Open APIs as well as 'bespoke' or customised APIs can be configured and published with ease. Built in version controls underpin the inevitable evolution of all GLU APIs.


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