Value Add Solutions

GLU.GEARs (GLU Ecosystem AcceleRator Solutions) are Value Add Solutions built using GLU.Ware as the key enabler, they are either developed by the GLU Team or by wrapping compelling partner business solutions with GLU.Ware.

GLU.GEARs powered by GLU.Ware

The flexibility and NO CODE capability of GLU.Ware enables GLU.GEARs to be implemented into Client ecosystems in record time. GLU.GEARs can be 'plugged' into existing business systems 'on the side' without causing system downtime. In this way they can be incrementally activated where existing legacy solutions are being replaced or they can be activated on a 'big bang' basis depending on the Client context.
GLU.ID - KYC at Speed

Universal iDaaS powered by GLU.Ware

GLU is building an identity verification solution enabling the digital verification of a client’s Know Your Customer (KYC) data. GLU.ID will offer Customer channels a centralised means of digitally, and manually, checking the validity of their Customers' KYC data, using integrations to 3rd party regulated services such as Government Agencies, Credit Bureaux, Blacklist Services and Banking Institutions.
+ -
01. Leverage a single view of the Customer

- Enables multiple channels to benefit from identity verification events other channels have performed

- Optimise the cost of customer verification across the Enterprise

- Speed up Customer onboarding by avoiding unneeded verification steps

+ -
02. Automatic and Manual Verification

- Automate the verification of Customer credentials with 3rd Party services providers where possible

- Manual verification of Customer credentials via a GLU.ID Back Office portal where auto-verification is not possible

GLU.Remit - Instant X-Border Payments

Instant Remittance powered by GLU.Ware

The cost of cross-border remittance into and within Africa range from 9 to 20% and take between 7 to 9 days to process. This significantly disadvantages the large number of migrant workers in Africa and beyond. GLU.Remit enables remittances across the SADC region in seconds at a significantly reduced cost by utilising the TCIB (Transactions Cleared on an Immediate Basis) switch offered by BanksServAfrica.
+ -
01. GLU.Remit for SADC

- Seamless access to the SADC x-border instant payment switch

- Supported by all SADC Country Regulators

+ -
02. GLU.Remit Status

- GLU is soon to be one of the first Certified Integrators to TCIB

- GLU.Ware's pre-integrated TCIB Connector enables Participant Banks to rapidly access the TCIB offering


No Code USSD Menu Management

GLU.USSD - is a NO CODE USSD Menu Management Solution. GLU.USSD empowers Analysts to maintain and manage complex USSD Menus at Speed without the overhead of traditional developer centric SDLC timeframes.
+ -
01. NO CODE USSD Menu Management

- GLU.USSD follows the same NO CODE principles as GLU.Ware

- GLU.USSD is a configuration based multi-language, multi-script USSD menu management solution

+ -
02. Pre-integrated to GLU.Ware

- The configured USSD menus run on a pre-integrated USSD Server, wrapped within a GLU.Engine

- Solution offered as stand-alone, no dependency or requirement for a separate GLU.Ware contract

- GLU.USSD is proven and being used at scale in production


Digital AID delivered at Speed

GLU.AID is a digital voucher distribution and campaign management solution. Born out of the Covid-19 crisis and the need for solutions to the resulting food security challenges, a collaboration of development organisations, technology organisations and value distribution organisations built a not-for-profit, interoperable, agnostic Digital Aid platform that distributed donor funding to beneficiaries in the form of digital vouchers and/or digital value to wallet/card/account.
+ -
01. GLU.AID Features

- Beneficiary Registration: Customer registers for the product

- Consent: Operator contacts customer and employer for consent

- Verification: Operator verifies and creates customer account

- Disbursement: Operator disburses agreed value in digital vouchers

- Redemption: Customer spends the digital voucher

- Reward: Customer gets rewarded based on expenditure pattern

+ -
02. GLU.AID Status

- GLU.Aid is commercialised as a setup and per transaction fee model

- GLU.AID has been built and tested operationally at scale

- New use cases will determine its Roadmap

GLU.GEAR Commercials

Commercials tailored to fit

Commercials are typically tailored with our Partners and Clients to ensure all parties achieve a mutually beneficial long term return. Talk to us to find out more.
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