Customers work with us because they trust us: our experience, our skills, our resolve to get things done - this is how we measure success. GLU.Ware empowers our Customers with an unprecedented Speed to Market advantage.
No Code for Client Self-Sufficiency

Helping Clients Digitally Transform

GLU.Ware is a NO CODE Enterprise Integration Platform (EIP) that empowers our Customers with an unprecedented Speed to Market advantage. GLU enables our users to digitally transform and innovate at speed self-sufficiently.
GLU Global – AWS Well Architected Framework Review Case Study

About the Client GLU Global (‘GLU’ – is a team of highly experienced business and system integration specialists who love solving challenges and making an impact. They help their clients to cut the cost of delivering impactful solutions using their No Code, industry agnostic, enterprise integration platform – GLU.Ware. The GLU.Ware platform is the […]

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Case Study: Accelerating and lowering the cost of Integration Projects

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Case Study: Future Proofing and bringing Flexibility to the Integration Layer

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GLU is not just a middle ware product but an incredible partner that invests time in knowing and understanding their client's business - bringing expertise at all levels. The GLU design principles ensure a user friendly product that includes training so adoption is easy and your business is able to reduce cost and time through self service to integrate and get your own products to market at pace without third party complexity.
The Ecentric Team saw the value and capabilities that the GLU.Ware solution provides, allowing rapid integration configuration to deal with complex challenges ... the Ecentric team has been enabled to do the integration ourselves using the intuitive GLU.Console. We found the GLU Team to be professional, knowledgable and very responsive - always going the extra mile.
GLU was selected as a solution that would meet our current and future needs, that could scale, that was flexible to evolve with our business and that ensured FLASH data integrity and security. We have have found GLU to be extremely professional, they have a partnership-like mentality, providing solid technical and solution inputs to our architecture. They have enabled FLASH to modernise the core of our system architecture without impacting our day to day business.
Based on (an) extensive due diligence conducted by the Group CTO, FINCA have decided to pursue a partnership with GLU for the provision of integration solutions built on the GLU.Ware platform. It is our pleasure to recommend GLU as an experienced team of Integration Specialists.
We found the GLU team to be very professional, technically strong and solution oriented. Using their vast solutions design and systems integration experience, coupled with their integration platform GLU.Ware, they were able to architect and prove a solution that exceeded the requirements in a very limited period of time.
GLU.Ware is the one to watch regarding no code delivery of Open APIs. Their platform functionality is impressive and they keep adding new features each day.
Caren Robb - ex-Group COO
Herman Schouwink - IT Executive
Karl Pienaar- Group CTO
Rita Apell - Director of IS Africa
Ashraf Grimwood - CEO
Esomchi Nwofor - ex-CIO
Innovators and Incubators

Innovation at Speed

Using GLU.Ware's NO CODE Console Innovation Labs can halve the time and cost of integrating solutions into their ecosystems, enabling them to be more flexible, to experiment faster and to release developers to focus on the core business solution roadmap rather than the 'plumbing'.

GLU.Ware for Start-up Incubators

Incubators provide a range of services aimed at giving Start-up solutions the best chance of success. Every solution needs to be “plugged” into other systems in order to deliver their value proposition. GLU.Ware enables these connections to be implemented more efficiently and affordably than ever before unlocking a Start-up’s value proposition and their expansion strategies.

Digital Transformation

GLU has an acknowledged track record of defining and structuring projects for success, and for overcoming complexities and challenges encountered. The team has been instrumental in the setup, program management and ongoing system integration programs of a large number of successful MFS organisations.
Strategic Advisory
GLU's extensive experience built up while working in emerging market financial / technology operations led to GLU consulting engagements at FINCA offices in Uganda, Tanzania and the DRC. FINCA found the work by GLU to be of a very high standard, their experience insightful and their onsite conduct always at the most professional level. Findings presented to the FINCA Executives were very well received. quotes
FINCA AFRICA - Rita Apell - Director of IS Africa
Integration is key to launching products in new markets

Market Expansion

Product businesses seeking to expand their market footprint at speed need to be able to integrate their solutions efficiently into new market ecosystems while protecting their product development team from these integration demands. GLU.Ware addresses these requirements perfectly by empowering Integration Analysts with a toolset to take care of all integrations without any developer dependencies.
" ... Before working on a global expansion plan or strategy, founders should prepare an expansion readiness checklist to understand if their business is ready to expand internationally." quotes
Neeraj Saxena, Managing Partner
Gartner has ranked seven options by ease of implementation ... [Top of the list is to ...] Encapsulate. Leverage and extend the application features by encapsulating its data and functions, making them available as services via an API. quotes
Gartner, November 05, 2019
Solving Legacy Challenges

GLU.Ware as a Legacy System Wrapper

Often Clients have critical business systems that are 'legacy' and that present an ever increasing risk to the business. With GLU.Ware, Clients are able to 'buy time' by 'wrapping' those systems with GLU.Ware and exposing modern APIs to the systems that need to interact with them. In this way modern systems are able to interact with legacy systems, helping to de-risk the system architecture.

GLU.Ware is Industry Agnostic

GLU.Ware is founded on enterprise scale mobile financial service domain experience, however since GLU.Ware is able to translate almost any type of connector message format or protocol it is Industry Agnostic. If GLU.Ware can 'talk' the protocol / language of the system it can be integrated.
We are system integration experts, as such we’ve found that by working across industries - FinTech, AgriTech, Retail, Logistics, Insurance, Government and more, we’re able to deepen and broaden our deepen our systems integration expertise - which further helps us to continuously improve GLU.Ware to enable learnings from one industry to be accessible to all. quotes
Owen Meredith - GLU Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
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