Redis Connectors

GLU supports connecting to Redis open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store to be used as a database, cache, and message broker.

With special adjustments in the GLU console, you allow Redis to be used instead of the existing cacheing mechanism.

If Redis is used for cacheing, it provides a persistent data store for the cache values (i.e. if the GLU.Engine is switched off the cached data is still stored in the Redis database, making it available for when the GLU.Engine comes alive)

For more details on Redis please refer to

To use Redis a connector needs to be set up to point to a Redis database.

1. Choose the Redis Connector

2. Choose INBOUND | OUTBOUND Connectors

3. Set the host and port for the Redis Database

If the redis database setup requires password, these can be added under properties.

4. On The transaction level of the integration choose Redis and the Redis connector

The redis option and connection dropdown will only be accessible if there is a redis connector setup and assigned to the GLU.Engine. Redis is available for the cache in the integration as well as for session management on GLU.USSD.

When this is selected, this will mean all the cache commands and cache variables will be stored in Redis.

For more information on the cache commands to access these values refer to GLU Functions

Redis Database Indexing

GLU seamlessly integrates with Redis, utilising the database index to specify the connector’s targeted database. Redis, by default, supports 16 databases, each identified by a number at the end of a Redis URL, such as redis://localhost:6379/0. The default is database 0, but you can assign any number from 0 to 15. If necessary, Redis can be configured to support additional databases through redis.conf. Each database offers a distinct keyspace, providing independence from one another. To configure it, kindly insert the index number in the connector’s property, as demonstrated in the example below.

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