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In Release v4.0.0, the Swagger Load tool has been introduced enabling OpenAPI / Swagger files to be loaded into the GLU.Console to generate Transaction configurations directly.

Linking the swagger to your connector

For any REST connector, the green button is available for you to link a swagger.

The first time you use the Swagger Load tool the pop-up below will prompt you to either upload a .json or .yaml file or to point to a URL for the Swagger file you wish to use.

Once this is done and the Swagger document has been loaded against the connector, when you view the connector in the Connector screen you will see the BOTH button will be pink and an extra button will appear in the ACTION column.

Using the swagger to generate configuration

You can access the Swagger Load tool within the Orchestration Manager. It will appear if the Connector you have selected is REST. If not, it will not appear.

If you have previously loaded and used a Swagger file, when you click on ‘Generate Endpoint from Swagger’ it will bring up the most recently loaded Swagger (example below). If you want to use a different Swagger, click on ‘Load New Version’.

The Connector Swagger Manager popup (above) will show all API Transactions available within the Swagger file. You can use the radio buttons to select the API Transaction you want to generate you config for.

Below, you can see the ‘API Transaction’ selected is ‘Find Pet by ID’ and you are then given the option to define the Request and Response content types depending on what the API Transaction chosen supports.

You then click ‘Generate’ to create the configuration for this leg of your Orchestration. You then simply need to clear the validation warnings by setting the Parameter Names to use for each Parameter on the Request and Response.

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