Authentication Collection

Authentication Collections serve as a repository for defining reusable Authentication Parameters within an integration configuration. The Authentication Parameter Control Panel provides three essential configuration fields:  

  • Code/Name 
  • Key  
  • Value 

The process involves assigning a unique and reusable ‘Auth Name’ through the Name field, which then becomes accessible in the Orchestration Request Manager Control Panel’s Authentication Name dropdown.

Key Components of Authentication Collections: 

1. Name: 

  • Purpose: Assigns a distinctive ‘Auth Name’ to the defined Authentication Parameter. 
  • Usage: Auth Names are accessible in the Orchestration Manager’s ‘Auth Name’ dropdown when creating a Request to a Receiving System requiring Authentication. 

2. Key + Value: 

  • Definition: A key-value pair (KVP) representing linked data items. 
  • Usage: Commonly employed in lookup tables, hash tables, and configuration files. 

Note: For signing Amazon AWS requests with Signature Version 4, you can build up the required headers and hashes in the Value as follows:

awsAccessKey, awsSecretKey,awsServiceName,awsRegionName, awsHost, awsContentType, awsXamztarget,awsRequestURI,-2

These values need to be specified in the Public Static Collection. The last value is the timestamp offset- in this case, the server is in UTC-2 so the required value is ‘-2’. See more here.

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