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Copy-Paste and Export-Import

At the top of the Integration Builder configuration screen, you’ll see various tools that enable the rapid re-use of configurations within the Integration Builder. These tools help to radically speed up the process of configuring integration components that have similarities but that are not necessarily identical.

Copy – Paste

At a more ‘granular’ level you are able to Copy any level of a configuration within the hierarchical tree.

  1. Open the Integration Builder configuration screen.
  2. Locate Copy-Paste Tools at the top of the screen. (as indicated in the screenshot above)
  3. Select the configuration section you want to copy within the hierarchical tree.
  4. Paste the copied section of the configuration into your flow at the desired location
    • Note: Handler Configurations must be checked as the Flowcodes will change when pasted so the routing to the required Flowcodes needs to be set, to do so re-select the required destination Flowcode for each routing handler.
  5. If pasting within a new transaction, double-check Handlers using or updating parameters, as the parameter to update might not exist in the new transaction.

Cross-Application Copy-Paste, is another option, you can also exit the Application you copied from and paste it into a different Application.


  1. Open the Integration Builder configuration screen.
  2. Locate Export-Import Tools at the top of the screen.
  3. Export the entire configuration as a ‘flows.json’ file.
  4. Import the ‘flows.json’ file into a new GLU.Engine Application to seed the new configuration.
  5. After importing, add connector mappings for the new configuration. Check if Connector IDs that match may automatically map, but verify these mappings.
  6. After import, click on the ‘spanner’ icon at the top right of the Integration Builder panel to ‘Repair’ your integrations. This re-indexes the configuration.

Note: These tools drastically speed up the configuration process by facilitating the re-use of configurations. Always ensure that Handler configurations are checked and, if necessary, reconfigured, especially when pasting into new transactions or applications. Additionally, after import, make sure to repair integrations to maintain a well-indexed configuration.

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