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Frequently Asked Questions

GLU.Ware related Questions and Answers

GLU Methodology
  • The GLU team has collectively over 100+ years of Enterprise Level integration experience, the GLU methodology summaries our best practice recommendations to Integration Projects. 

GLU Support
  • How do I log a GLU Support ticket?

    Log GLU Support tickets here: GLU Support Desk … other guidance on the GLU Support process can be found here


  • To help GLU.Support to resolve issues expediently, the more detail you can share about your issue or question the better. This applies particularly to throughput / performance related Support Tickets. Details on how to log such tickets are provided here

GLU.Ware Updates
  • Where can I find the Release Notes for GLU.Ware?

    See the Release Notes page, this is updated with a new Release Note every time there is any update to GLU.Ware. Where updates impact the User Experience, those are also documented in the GLU.Guide. 

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