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Frequently Asked Questions

GLU Methodology
  • The GLU team has collectively over 100+ years of Enterprise Level integration experience, the GLU methodology summaries our best practice recommendations to Integration Projects. 

  • What is the GLU V-Model of Testing?

    Since GLU.Ware is a no code system, there is no need for developers. Thus the ‘traditional’ V-Model of testing is ‘truncated’ as it is the Analyst who will configure and build the integration Engines. This means that there is no need to wait for a typical 2-week sprint cycle before the Analyst can test the integration. Rather, with the GLU V-Model, Analysts can iterate through the Configure, Build, Deploy, Test cycle within minutes. This is what enables GLU.Ware users to Innovate at Speed. 


  • What is the GLU Configuration Cycle?

    The process an Analyst using GLU.Ware will follow entails cycling through the Configure, Build, Deploy, Test cycle as depicted below. This process can be conducted multiple times a day, some cycles can be as short as a few minutes. This is what drives the ability to Innovate at Speed. 


GLU Support
  • How do I log a GLU Support ticket?

    Log GLU Support tickets here: GLU Support Desk … other guidance on the GLU Support process can be found here

  • To help GLU.Support to resolve issues expediently, the more detail you can share about your issue or question the better. This applies particularly to throughput / performance related Support Tickets. Details on how to log such tickets are provided here

  • What is the purpose of logging tickets through the GLU.Ware Support Desk?

    The purpose is for formal tracking of Support Tickets from logging to resolution for management and SLA compliance.

  • Can all users access the GLU.Ware Service Desk?

    GLU.Ware Trained Users have been registered on the GLU.Ware Service Desk. Additional Users can be registered on request.

  • How can I register additional users to the GLU.Ware Service Desk?

    Raise a Technical Support ticket to have additional users registered.

  • What type of ticket should I log for new GLU.Ware feature requests or suggestions?

    Log a Suggest a Feature ticket for new GLU.Ware feature requests or suggestions.

  • What type of ticket should I log for broader suggestions to improve the way of working?

    Log a Suggest Improvement ticket for broader suggestions to improve the way of working.

GLU.Ware Updates
  • Where can I find the Release Notes for GLU.Ware?

    See the Release Notes page, this is updated with a new Release Note every time there is any update to GLU.Ware. Where updates impact the User Experience, those are also documented in the GLU.Guide. 

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