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GLU.Ware Release Notes

At the bottom of all GLU.Console login screen the current version of the GLU.Console and the latest release date as shown. The history of GLU.Ware Release Notes since major Release 3.0 is provided below. The full history of Release Notes is available on request from GLU.Support.

Release notes – GLU.Ware – Release 3.1.0

Major Feature Enhancements

  • GLUW-2077 GLU.Engine Configuration Control Multi-Environment support

We have introduced a new feature in the GLU.Engine aimed at addressing a potential risk associated with testing and deploying the engine in production environments. This release focuses on providing a solution that allows for direct changes to the GLU.Engine without requiring a complete rebuild, reducing the possibility of introducing untested modifications.

Key Changes and Enhancements:

  • Exposed a set of configuration files within the GLU.Engine system. Configuration files can be found in the “../engine/config/” directory.

List of Exposed Configuration Files:

  1. application.yml
  2. camel-context.xml
  3. flows.json
  4. iso8583
  5. loggingSetting.xml
  6. menu.json

By exposing these configuration files, system administrators and developers gain direct access to the GLU.Engine’s core settings. This enables them to make necessary adjustments without the need for rebuilding the engine, mitigating the risk of introducing untested changes during production.

We believe that this enhancement will significantly improve the flexibility and efficiency of managing the GLU.Engine system. Users can now make targeted modifications to the engine’s configuration files as needed, ensuring a streamlined development and deployment process.

Please note that any modifications made to these configuration files should be carefully tested and reviewed before deploying them in a production environment.

For more information on how to utilize and modify the exposed configuration files, please refer to our support team.

Minor Feature Enhancements

  • GLUW-3888 We have added a timestamp on the dialogue box for the application settings, so it is possible to see when the last change to these settings was made.
  • GLUW-3308 Further enhancements to the automatic generation of Swagger exposed on the SERVER PORT under the URL /swagger. Please note that the Swagger documentation remains compliant with the OpenAPI 2.0 specification. For more information on this please refer to Swagger – OpenAPI 3.0

Version 3.0.3 – Released: 22 February 2023

Major Feature Enhancements

  • GLUW-3019 We have refreshed the GLU.Guide and removed the requirement to access the GLU.Guide through a username and password so that it is available publicly to view. We have also enhanced the GLU.Console to provide a small window in the bottom corner which allows for a quick Guide assistance ‘in Console’. The old version of the GLU.Guide will be shutdown. The new Guider can be accessed on this link.

Minor Feature Enhancements

  • GLUW-3019 We have refreshed the GLU.Guide and removed the requirement to access the GLU.Guide through a username and password so that it is available publicly to view. We have also enhanced the GLU.Console to provide a small window in the bottom corner which allows for a quick Guide assistance ‘in Console’. The old version of the GLU.Guide will be shutdown.
  • GLUW-3869 We have added a new function CURRENT_NANO_TIME that returns the current time in nanoseconds.
  • GLUW-3870 We have standardise GLU Functions to be capital letters. However old lowercase syntax will also be supported.
  • GLUW-3878 We have updated the standard GLU Function formats to align the formats. Old formats will still be supported.
  • GLUW-3928 We have updated the ThrottleType 2 feature to support calling other APIs in the Integration, in addition to the existing functionality to call an orchestration Flowcode.
  • GLUW-3932 We have created a new function which will create a new GUID called GENERATE_GUID.

Bug Fixes

  • GLUW-3391 We have updated the DB Connector responses to make the Content-Type default to JSON.
  • GLUW-3502 We have removed the old ISO8583 Version from the GLU.Console.
  • GLUW-3775 We have addressed an anomaly related to deleting environments and how this is presented in the Build Manager.
  • GLUW-3821 We addressed a problem with copying Handlers from one transaction orchestration to another.
  • GLUW-3905 We fixed a problem where a large orchestration took a long time to delete.

Version 3.0.2 – Released: 19 January 2023

Minor Feature Enhancements

  • GLUW-3823 We have improved the response time to respond on an error, when a Docker container is pushed to a remote Docker repository.

Bug Fixes

  • GLUW-3814 Fixed the Context Name which didn’t allow a forward slash (/).
  • GLUW-3821 We fixed a copy/paste issue in the Integration Builder which was not working correctly for some fringe case scenarios.
  • GLUW-3871 We fixed the Paste button which was not being set correctly after a Derived Parameter was deleted.
  • GLUW-3875 Corrected an issue identified with Throttle Type 2 controls. Please contact support for more information if required on this fix.

Version 3.0.1 – Released: 7 December 2022

Major Feature Enhancements

  • GLUW-3639 We have added support for a new connector type. We now support GraphQL for outbound connections, for more information on this new connector type please refer to GraphQL Connectors.
  • GLUW-3764 We have also added the ability to generate automatically a Swagger (OpenAPI 3.0) Specification for the APIs in the GLU.Engine. For more details on how to configure your APIs so the descriptions, sample messages, and other ‘meta data’ about your APIs appear on the Swagger document please refer to Generate OpenAPI 3.0 (Swagger).

Minor Feature Enhancements

  • GLUW-1267 We in the process of enhancing our functionality related to the GLU.Engine’s ability to schedule (‘self-invoke’) API calls. This is the first ‘BETA’ release of this functional enhancement journey. The GLU.Guide will be updated to reflect these exciting new capabilities when they are fully released – no long ‘BETA’.
  • GLUW-1693 We have updated the GLU.Console to allow a single user to login multiple times. We believe this will help address the issue experienced by some users when a user’s session gets locked. In the roadmap we plan to add the ability to integrate the GLU.Console with 3rd party single sign-on services.

Bug Fixes

  • GLUW-3786 In the integration manager we fixed a problem with the description of a transactions where it looked like it was being duplicated across from one transaction to the next.
  • GLUW-3790 Fixed a problem with the ‘Search’ tool in the Integration manager, where it wasn’t truly accurate with what it found.
  • GLUW-3793 Fixed a problem in the integration manager in the orchestration connectors where the ‘Context Name’ would disappear when one deleted a character from the field.

Version 3.0.0 – Released: 20 October 2022

Major Feature Enhancements

  • GLUW-3316 We have updated all areas of the GLU.Console with a new look and feel. In some areas we have optimised positioning and utilisation of menus and buttons which we believe will improve the speed of creating integrations and USSD menus.
  • GLUW-3607 We have added a landing page from where you can quickly access latest integrations which have been worked on by every user in your organisation. It also provides quick access to key areas of GLU.Ware.

Minor Feature Enhancements

  • GLUW-3549 We have ratified AWS Elastic container register (ECR) for storing docker containers, See AWS ECR configuration.
  • GLUW-3551 Updated the Docker Settings as Password was limited to 255, we changed to support length ion 5000 characters. Specifically for AWS Elastic container service.
  • GLUW-2860 We have removed the “Jolokia Config Debug” from the GLU.Engine Settings Dialogue box.

Bug Fixes

  • GLUW-3631 Fixed ISO8583 issue caused when Connected state=false when trx is working. Should show =true if it’s connected.
  • GLUW-3630 Fixed issue when the ISO8583 log only shows request if there’s a response. Updated to always show both and print in order.
  • GLUW-3627 Connector Screen loads all Connectors.
  • GLUW-3591 Fixed issue with Invalid Node Description which is needed for ISO8583 field settings.
  • GLUW-3584 Fixed issue with generate parameters resulting in an invalid template warning & invisible template gets used.
  • GLUW-1614 Fixed an issue where repairing integration was breaking the Handler Routes None >> Many Request Handler.
  • GLUW-1140 Updated Request as Error messages was needed for mandatory ISO8583 fields (MTI etc.).

Release Fixes

  • GLUW-3720 We found that the GLu Console had a bug in it which was stopping the USSD Simulator from connecting the test USSD GLU.Engines in clients environments.
  • GLUW-3719 We found an issue with the latest release in respect to Throttle Type 2: Concurrent Requests using Thread Pools GLU.Engine would error when “Max Queue Size” was passed as 0. This has been corrected.

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