Multi-Language Menu

In addition there are two ‘checkbox’ options. The first ‘Is Menu Language’ is used along with the second ‘Show Menu Manager’ to enable the configuration of different languages within a ‘Change Language’ menu. In this case, if the Language code = ‘EN’ (English) then the Menu Manager is directing the Menu Builder to render the Change Language menu option in Farsi (FA).

So on the Main menu, the entire menu will be in English with the exception of the ‘Change Language’ menu option which will present the Farsi prompt. If the English menu is being rendered and a user selects to change the Menu language to Farsi, that change can be asynchronously delivered to a back-end system but in addition, the GLU USSD Server will update the session language identifier to ‘FA’ (for Farsi) and the menu’s and messages delivered thereafter will be the configured Farsi menu’s and messages.

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