Redirect to other transactions

It is possible to redirect the flow of the transaction from one transaction to another based on conditions defined in a Handler on the request parameters. Similarly, it is possible to redirect Orchestrations (within a Transaction Set) from one orchestration to another based on conditions defined in the Handler on the response parameters.

Example: Transaction – to – Transaction routing

Diagram Example: It is possible to have the API request handler redirect the transaction flow to the “Balance Enquiry” transaction.

When setting this up, the Flow Codes drop down box will show all the flow codes in the API.

Example: Orchestration – to – Orchestration routing

Diagram Example: A response handler can redirect the flow to a different orchestration – e.g. the “Insert Endpoint Response into Database” Orchestration.

Example: Orchestration – to – Transaction routing

An orchestration can route to another transaction within the integration. Important to note here the connector setup is important.

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