XML JSON Converter

Use the XML JSON Converter tool (top right of your Integration Builder screen) to format and convert payloads from XML to JSON or visa versa. Simply copy and paste your sample message payload in the field, and click to convert.

The Format XML / Format JSON option will correct any formatting issues. Note that using this tool as a JSON Formatter is highly recommended as ‘invisible’ issues in a payload can break your integration. As an example, if you are configuring using a Macbook the ‘Double Quotation’ marks style on a Mac may not be valid in a JSON file. You can set the style on a Macbook for these quotation marks to save time (instructions here).

The arrows in-between the XML and JSON panels can be used to process the conversion each way.

Once you have you converted and formatted payload, you can copy it and paste it into your the Generate Parameters tool or to you Postman test pack as required.

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