Build Manager Errors

The Build Manager provides an additional layer or ‘error’ assistance. At build time the Build Manager will present a pop-up with the list of ‘Warnings’. See screenshot below.

The ‘Go to Configuration’ button will take the User directly to the relevant Integration to enable the User to address the Warnings prior to re-attempting the ‘Build’ process.

There are times when some warnings may not be of material concern to the User. For example if the warnings relate to a transaction that is not the primary focus at that point in time or it may still be under configuration … whereas other transactions in the Build are not throwing any warnings. In this case the option to ‘Proceed’ can be used to create the GLU.Engine Build not-withstanding the ‘Warnings’. In this way the User can proceed with testing the ‘working’ transactions within the Build but those associated with the ‘accepted’ “Warnings’ will likely fail.

It must also be noted that some warnings relating to Environments, Connectors, Auth Collections or Static / Reusable Parameter Collections may impact all transactions within a GLU.Engine. Some of these warnings will prevent a build from occurring. As such proceeding with building a GLU.Engine that is flagging ‘warnings’ is generally not advised as there is no certainty that any transactions will actually work.

In other words – if there are ‘Warnings’ – ‘Proceed’ with your Build with caution.

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