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GLU.Console Sessions and Timeouts

Session timeouts occurs when a user does not perform any action on the GLU.Console during a specified interval. Timeouts when working within the Integration Builder and USSD Menu Builder tools are set to 30 minutes and when working within all other tools is set to 2 minutes. When this happens, the user session status is changed to ‘invalid’ on the server side, and the web server is instructed to terminate it, deleting all unsaved data.

If the inactivity time approaches the timeout interval, a pop-up notification with a count-down timer (20 seconds) will appear, giving the user the option to stay connected (thus refreshing their session) or to log out. If the user does not respond, the session will be terminated, and the user will be logged out.

Note that any configuration changes not saved will be lost. It is important to regularly save configuration changes that you want to keep to avoid potentially losing configuration work that you may be busy with.

If your session times such that when you attempt to log back in again you get an error on the login page which says “User is currently logged in”, you can fix this by forcing your User to be logged out using this URL: https://www.console.glu.global/glu-console/logout

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