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INFO Level Log Enrichment


The GLU.Console provides the capability to configure in the INFO request and response logs a tag which can be used to trace transactions as they occur. These tags can consist of both hardcoded text labels and/or variables generated in the running GLU.Engine.

In the example below we show how 3 tags have been setup for each API. In the log below we can see how the tags are reflected in the logs:

As can be seen tags appear on each INFO line after the TraceID.

Also note the first 2 transactions in the log. These show values for theresponseCode as this contains a value at this point in the transaction execution. The log filter is set as below for this API:

get light: ${responseCode}

These tags and values are associated with all INFO Level logs for each unique transaction.

This enables the payloads of Inbound and Outbound Connectors to be included in the INFO Level Logs. By selecting the checkbox to ‘Add to INFO Logs’ within the Request / Response Manager Panels, this data can be controlled to be included or not in the INFO logs. 


Writing additional data to logs does have a performance impact which must be kept in consideration. Performance testing following such changes is advised.

Sensitive data that is flagged to be excluded or masked from the logs by unchecking of the ‘Make visible in logs’ setting will apply to the tags.

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