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GLU.Console – Introduction

The GLU.Console is a secure, multi-tenant, cloud hosted configuration environment. It is the ‘brain’ of GLU.Ware, you can think of it as the Integration Analyst’s configuration canvas. When you login to the GLU.Console you will be presented with a landing page as below. Depending on your user Role association, you may not have the full set of Management Tool options in the left tools list however all other tools will be consistent regardless of Role.

The most recently worked on Integrations in your Organisation will show in the central table providing quick links to your most recent configurations. Other tools on in the central pane likewise provide easier routes to start working in your desired tool. To return to the ‘landing page’ and quick link navigation, click on the GLU.Global icon at top left of your GLU.Console window. The screenshot below provides an example of the Integration Builder where GLU Analysts typically spend most of their configuration time.

The Integration Builder is used via the GLU.Console to configure Integration flows. Each integration has one or more transactions, each transaction has one or more transaction flows, each transaction flow has a number of tasks, and each task has parameters.

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