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GLU.Engine Configuration Control: Multi-Environment Support

This feature is designed to mitigate potential risks associated with testing and deploying the engine in production environments. Our goal is to provide a solution that allows for seamless adjustments to the GLU.Engine’s core settings without the necessity of a complete rebuild. This approach reduces the likelihood of introducing untested modifications during production deployments.

The configuration files are exposed within the GLU.Engine system, which can be readily accessed and modified by system administrators and developers. These configuration files can be located in the “../engine/config/” directory and include the following:

  • application.yml
  • camel-context.xml
  • flows.json
  • iso8583
  • loggingSetting.xml
  • menu.json

By exposing these configuration files, users gain direct control over the engine’s core settings. This empowers them to make necessary adjustments as required, without the need for a time-consuming rebuild. This approach significantly mitigates the risk associated with introducing untested changes during production.

Important Considerations
It is imperative to note that any modifications made to these configuration files should undergo thorough testing and review before deployment in a production environment.

Guidance on Access and Download

To access and download the configuration files, please follow these steps:

  1. While creating a new configuration or making changes to an existing one, save your modifications
  2. Navigate to “Build Manager” in the system.
  3. From the “Action” dropdown menu, select “Build/Build…”
  4. In the resulting pop-up window, click on “Download Configuration.”

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