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New to GLU.Ware

Introducing the basic GLU.Ware concepts, start here if new to GLU.

An Introduction to GLU.Ware

Context GLU.Ware is a No Code, Industry Agnostic, Enterprise Integration Platform. It brings systems together to create value faster, cutting cost...

GLU.Ware Architecture

GLU.Ware is a suite of cloud services that enables the configuration, build, test, governance, monitoring and management of one or...

GLU.Console – Introduction

The GLU.Console is a secure, multi-tenant, cloud hosted configuration environment. It is the ‘brain’ of GLU.Ware, you can think of...

GLU Transaction Pattern

In the Integration Builder, the process of adding transactions is facilitated through the ‘Transactions Panel.’ When you select ‘Add Transaction,’...

GLU.Engine – Introduction

The GLU.Engine™ connects Initiating Systems to Receiving Systems. It exposes APIs as ‘Incoming Connectors’ that Initiating System connect to and it...


Here is a list of Integration related terms that you may come across when working with GLU.Ware.


Here is a list of Integration related acronyms that you may come across when working with GLU.Ware.

GLU.Engine Configuration Control: Multi-Environment Support

IntroductionThis feature is designed to mitigate potential risks associated with testing and deploying the engine in production environments. Our goal...


GLU.Ware leverages various software, libraries and tools. The key underlying enabler of GLU.Ware being Apache Camel along with various other...
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