USSD Simulator

The USSD simulator allows the user to experience the USSD menu using a device simulator. This article describes how to setup and use the USSD simulator.

1. Check Connectivity

Your application needs to be running in order to use the simulator. Complete the host and port to point to where the application is currently running. The endpoint where your application will be running needs to be accessible to the GLU console to ensure the simulator will work. Test the connectivity to ensure that the simulator has access to the running application.

It may be necessary to open the correct port in your firewall or use some other network mechanism to ensure the GLU Console has access.

2. Select Configuration of Simulator

In the configuration of the simulator, the user must select the API and transaction which will be simulated. This will auto-populate values from the menu builder setup during configuration. In the payload, it is important to ensure that the ${input} parameter (whatever parameter is set as the input parameter) is set as such.

Step 1: The input parameter selected on the configuration. Parameter name = input

Step 2: The payload used for the simulator is setup here. For ease of use GLU suggest defining the input parameter with the device input set – ${input}.

Step 3: The request payload for the simulator will be pulled in when launching the simulator. If step 1 and 2 are completed above, there is no need to edit the payload in the simulator.

3. Simulating the user input and showing a result

The user can enter the shortcode into the device. The request payload represents what the gateway will send to the GLU.Engine. The appropriate menu will be displayed on the device. The user can submit the relevant values and commit the submit by using the Enter key and then can test by viewing the USSD string to confirm success.

The response payload represents the payload that will be returned to the USSD gateway.

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